Human relationships

Human relationships
  • Human relationships at famillies, at school, at work, in a real life
  • Friendship and love ( definition and differences)
  • My best friend
  • Social problems ( young people, eldery people, homeless)
  • My first love- my big love

Human reationship is a connection between two or more people. We can talk about relations between people, group of people, organisations and countries. Love, understanding, communication, trust, care, politness and good behaviour are the most important things in any relationship.When man and woman like each other and fall in love they have a oving and sexual relationship. A sexual relationship between 2 men/women   is called homosexual relationship. However, there are some people who like both sexies man and women and we called the bisexuals.

Human relations are also office or public that exist between groups of people, organisation or countries. Nowadays we are living in the world wirh 6 miliard people and therefore we can have good or bad relations irh people. Human relations play important role in our life, we can meet with human relations in families, at school, with neighbours or at work. Everywhere are our relations different.

1)FAMILIES– every people live from it´s in circle of the family. There we can meet for the first time with human relations which can be bad or good. Many families have same or different problems-problems between wife and husband,parents and children,grandparents and parents. Problems wife/husband ofen lead to divorce. In these families the most suffer children because they have to listen argues everyday. For small children are their parents their idols and therefore argues aren´t good for  them. We can also meet with other problems-more generations under  one roof,many children-no privacy.

2)AT SCHOOL-children mostly meet other children at schooô- The classroom is the second family for them. They are at school with their classmates many hours every day. Children have between themselves good or bad relations. Little children are sometimes bullied by older children. Therefore they often don´t want to go to school, they are many times depressed and they have stomach problems. Children sometimes don´t respect their teachers and they have bad relations with them.

3)WITH NEIGHBOURS–it is a part of society to have neighbours. Relations with them deppend on what kind of personality are they. If we have good neighbours we can say that we are happy people. Nowadays are many problems because people are curious and they often defame us. People who live in block of flats have hard life,too. They often have problems with noise,vandalism,drugs and small children

4)AT  WORK– people can build up very good relations with their colleagues.They can help to each other, solve many work problems but sometimes there are more than  work relations and it can cause a big problem.

Friendship and love

a)Friendship-People need friends and friendship because there are some moments in our life when we need more than our books or pet. When we have problem and we are in trouble we need friends and their help at same time. In that moment we will see who is our real friend. Real friend always helps us, listen to us and doesn´t turn back to us. In our country (world), there are some poeple who don´t need any friends. For these people books,pets, PC and TV are the best friends. They are usually closed, they don´t go out, they are very isolated, unsociable and untrustfull. I am sure these people must be unhappy because the most natural thing is to have a friend. A friend is somebody with whom we can share joy and sorrow. If someone has troubles he/she shouldn´t stay along.

b)Love-Some relationship or relations in people´s life are stronger tham just friendship. Some of them are short-term and som are long-term relationships. Normally  2 people who are in love get married because they want to spend their rest of life together. It isn´t typical for nowadays because we live funny life and sometimes young people don´t want to married. Some relationships are very weak and there are just few reasons why these people are still together. It can be financial reason,children,illness. Many statistic show a high rate of divorce. Of course, we have a happy marriages as well. It represents the ideal human relationship in which each oartner feels free to be what she/he is by nature.

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