Towns and places

Towns and places

Towns and places

There are many places to live all around the world. The place where we are born is called a place of birth. That place is written on our birth certificate, our ID card or passport. The place where we grow up, strongly influences our character and behaviour. Many important relationships are created there. The place of our studies is often not identicl with our place of birth. Nowadays, many young people choose to study in a different town or country.

There are man places all around the world where people would like to live or at least spent their holiday. There are lafre cities like Tokyo, London, Mexico but there are also out of way places like Siberia or Amazon jungle. Wherever people live they have oppinions about places, even though they have probably only seen them on pictures or TV.

We can divide places into: 1.Town 2.Village 3.Suburb

1) Suburbs – are residential areas around a city but often have different name from city.It is the place with houses and othr buildings(church,school,bank) but usually it is smaller than town. We can say it is situated on the outskirts of the city.

2)Villageis normally found in rural areas of town or a city where people live. There aren´t flats and many cultural or shopping opportunities.

Differences between towns and villages:

  1. Advantages of towns – there are many advantages of living  in a town or city

-many job opportunities

-there is better schooling possibilities

-rich social life

-many sport facilities such as  stadiums, swimming pools,tennis curts

-many cultural events held (concerts,operas,theatres,cinemas)

-people can go to restaurants,pubs,night clubs

-many shopping malls

-there are usually a few local hospitals which provide a high standard od health care


  1. b) Disadvantages of towns – there are many disadvantages of living in town or city ,too

towns are polluted,noisy,crowded and hectic

            -high level of criminality cause by pick pockets,burglars,shop lifters,murderers or drug dealers

           -town or city isn´t ideal place to raise children

           -the air is polluted and there are usually streets which are dirty and full of mess

Life in a village is more comfortable because villages are set up in fresh air with clean nature. There are many disadvantages because social life is not as rich as in the town but th life us nicer and easier there.

3)City – sometimes we use the name global city or world city. City is the main centre of trade, banking, finance and markets. All around the world are famous for global cities(London,NY,Tokyo,Paris)

4)A town – is a residential community of people ranging from a few hundred to several thousand. There are smaller bussiness than in city.

Moving is often conected with personal and social life. Adaptation to a new place may take some time from time to time we all leave our homes when we travel away for holidays. There are many beautiful places to see. Som of them are inspiring,exciting or surprising for us. People feel that most interesting places are : NY,Jeruzalem, San Francisco, Istanbul, Paris, Tokyo,London Hong Kong,Prague,Budapest or Venice. These places offer many possibilities for sightseeing,excitement,shopping in the most luxurious shops,spending time in well-known clubs,casinos,offers many relaxation centres and paradise place. For relax people like to visit the Seychells, Pacific island or Hawai. Those who like adventure and adrenaline like to visit Grand Canyon,Sahara,Galapagos,Canadian Rockies or Amazon. There are also people who like the most mysterious place-The Taj Mahal,Machu Picchu,The Great Wall,The Giza Pyramides.


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